The Cold Pressed Juices

What is a cold press method?

Juices made with cold press technology differ from those produced with the traditional methods including centrifugal juice extraction. Cold pressed juice is “live water”, meaning the richest part of fruits and vegetables packed into a bottle. The cold press method is based on grinding the produce into a pulp, then pressing it slowly with thousands of pounds of force and extracting delicious, nutrient dense cold pressed juice. During this process, the walls of plant cells burst, thanks to which the water flows out of them rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and other micronutrients. The important thing is that in this process the juice does not undergo the oxidation process.

Cold press technology effectively prevents pieces of fruit and vegetables from getting in, which in turn helps to keep the juice good longer. This process is quite different from the traditional juicer extraction method, where the produce is shredded with the help of the quick rotation of the nostrils and thus heated – sometimes even to the temperature of 42 degrees. The direct consequence of this is the loss of some nutrients such as vitamins or minerals. What’s more, the juice from the screw extruder undergoes oxidation and breaks down much faster because it often lets fruit and vegetables pass into the drink. This juice should be drunk within about 20 minutes after being squeezed out, while the cold press juice kept at the right temperature will retain its value up to 72 hours. In addition, the cold press method is much more efficient, which means that we can squeeze much more juice from the same amount of product. We use up to 1.5 kg of fresh fruit and vegetables for the production of approx. 500 ml of cold press juice.
This is the best vitamin shot you can treat yourself with!

Why is it worth drinking green juices every day?

According to the latest recommendations of the National Food and Nutrition Institute, fruits and vegetables should constitute at least a half of the meals consumed. Unfortunately, about 80% of us fail to achieve this number. The fact that vegetables and fruits are indispensable in our diet is no longer a doubt, the only question remains how to consume them? We have constructed our menu in such a way so as to reach every client, even the most demanding one so that everyone can choose something suitable for themselves.
We use up to 1.5 kg of fresh fruit and vegetables for the production of approx. 500 ml of juice. Thanks to this, the cold press is like the elixir of youth. It is a combination of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants in the most condensed form. As the juice is in liquid form, it is easily digestible. Research shows that it takes about 20 minutes to digest the juice, and during this process, up to 99% of the nutrients are absorbed by the body. Importantly, the high presence of enzymes significantly helps digestion and thus relieves other organs such as the intestines, liver, and pancreas. In addition, these green elixirs help balance the body’s pH, reduce inflammation, cleanse the body of toxins, help regulate the work of the intestines, and often also help to lose unnecessary kilograms. Does this scientific jargon tell you anything? It does not matter, read the answers to other questions about healthy nutrition to learn more about deacidification, inflammation and things related to health of our body.

What makes us special?

There are many reasons why The Cold Pressed Juices differs from other brands that produce cold press juices, but what we are primarily proud of are our passion and high standards. In everything we do, we put all our heart into it and put it into our own experience. Every day we strive to discover new knowledge to provide you with only what is best. There are a lot of miracle diets on the market and contradictory information on how to keep fit. Our approach is different. We do not want to offer you another diet, but a healthy lifestyle and help you develop good eating habits, thanks to which you will revive your instinct and you will know what is the most important for you in order to achieve full health. Our goal is to strengthen our clients so that they are conscious consumers and aren’t enslaved by another diet.

What is important to us is the highest standards that we maintain at every stage. In terms of technology, we have invested in absolutely top quality equipment –
the American Goodnature machine, which is number 1 on the market among cold press machines. We do not use, like many others small home centrifugal juicers, because we want to offer you the highest quality product. All of our juices are prepared in our juice lab, where we maintain the right conditions to produce the best quality juice. This means that the vegetables are rinsed first in acid water and then in alkaline with purified soda, so as to get rid of all bacteria and pesticides. The pressery has a low temperature at every stage of work, and all juices immediately, after being squeezed out, go to the cold room to inhibit the process of bacteria formation and thus extend their lifecycle.

And what is the most important to us is, first of all, a delicious product. When creating our compositions, we were influenced by both our own experience and
the taste of those more resistant ones, including our teenage sister, who until recently disliked fruit and vegetables, and now is a faithful fan of our products.
Taste, awareness, and care – these are our everyday goals.

Why are the juices served in bottles and are not squeezed on the spot?

If you think that we are taking a shortcut, giving bottled juice, you couldn’t be more wrong! Like most people, you’re used to juices extruded on the spot or those heavily processed and packed into a box or a bottle. We focused on creating the highest quality product and investing in technology that will allow it, i.e. a cold press. Unlike centrifugal juice, these juices are not subject to the oxidation process and are not heated during production. This means that they retain their values and can be consumed within 72 hours, not within 20 minutes as in the case of centrifugal juice! That’s why cold press can be packed into a bottle so that you can drink it at any time during the day being on the go.

What juices can you get at The Cold Pressed Juices?

We’ve spent a lot of time creating unique flavor combinations especially for you. Juices are chosen not only in terms of taste, but also in accordance with the
principles of which ingredients can be combined, and which mixing should be avoided. Our cold presses are divided into various categories: greens, roots, citrus, tonics and plant-based mylks. In each group, there are such juices able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

How many calories are there in our juices?

The nutritional value of each juice is different. To learn more, it’s best to read the values in the cold press section of our website. Remember,
however, that some calories are no match for others. 150 kcal of juice charged with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants is no match for 150 kcal of junk food, which are just empty calories. The more nutritional value, the smaller the craving for sugar and other processed products, the greater the feeling of energy
or even better mood.

Do we add sugar to our products?

Absolutely not! Such procedure would miss the point of drinking fresh cold presses. Unlike most juice producers available on the market, we do not add any flavored liqueurs, neither do we sweeten our juices and smoothies.

Can I make these juices at home? How do they differ from those bought in the store?

Of course, it is possible to squeeze a fresh juice at home with the help of a juicer or a squeezer, though the nutritional value of these juices will never be the same. The cold press method involves grinding the produce into a pulp and then pressing it with a force of thousands of pounds. During this process, the walls of plant cells burst, thanks to which water flows out of them rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and other micronutrients. The important thing is that in this process the juice does not undergo the oxidation process, hence the name “live water”.

This process is quite different from the traditional juicer extraction method, where the fruits are grinded with the help of the quick rotation of the nostrils and thus heated – sometimes even to the temperature of 42 degrees. The direct consequence of this is the loss of some nutrients such as vitamins or minerals. What’s more, the traditional juicer product undergoes oxidation and breaks down much faster because it often lets fruit and vegetables pass into the drink. This juice should be drunk within about 20 minutes. What’s more, the cold press method is much more efficient, which means that we can squeeze much more juice from the same amount of product. Of course, homemade juice is always a better alternative to a candy bar or other
processed products, whereas if you are looking for a top product then The Cold Pressed Juices is the answer.

Why do juices have such a short expiration date?

Cold Presses have an expiration date of around 72 hours. It is worth noting that their lifecycle depends very much on the temperature at which they are stored,
and the optimal one is 1-4 degrees. Our goal is to provide the high-end products. Therefore, the shorter the expiration date, the better. This would mean that the
juice still contains all the highest quality nutrients. We do not use any additives extending the life of our juices. They are not pasteurized or subjected to any
heat treatment.

Are our juices suitable for children?

Yes! All our cold presses and smoothies are by all means suitable for the youngest. Our products are not only healthy but also yummy, so every kiddo can easily get used to them.

It is worth noting that the problem of bad eating habits often begins in the early years. Currently, every fifth student has problems being overweight. As it is commonly known, being overweight is not only about those extra kilos but above all signal of many chronic diseases that will probably catch up in later years. The gradual introduction of healthy products and “smuggling” of as many fruits and vegetables as possible will make children and young people feel better and feel less in need to stuff themselves with unhealthy products.

It is worth noting that there are many studies confirming the importance of a proper diet of the child during adolescence. A good diet improves concentration and well-being, which can have a direct impact on stamina and school performance. Little known fact, in the experiment performed in few US schools the machines with carbonated drinks were removed limiting the consumption of sugar among students. That resulted in a significant decrease in the number of fights in school and reduced the level of aggression. These are just a few facts, but there is a lot more to say here. Are you curious why the diet among the youngest is so important? Please let us know. We’ll be happy to tell you more.

Blending or squeezing?

A very common question is whether it is better to squeeze and drink juices, or blend and drink smoothies. Both forms are a fantastic way to consume more fruits and vegetables, each with different values. Cold press is “living water” – a concentrated essence rich in the most valuable ingredients of fresh products. As it does not contain fiber, it is easily digestible even in just 20 minutes. It is a great relief for our usually overstuffed digestive system that
works for us 24/7. As 500 ml of juice is obtained even with 2 kg of fresh products, each of us can imagine how hard it is to consume such a quantity of food! Blending, on the other hand, is a process during which we blend fruits and vegetables in all their glory. Such cocktails we call smoothies, a plain mix of products in all their glory containing fiber and other treasures. For this reason, they are usually more filling. Both forms are fantastic for us and from our own
experience we encourage you to drink what you crave for, take a smoothie or switch to a juice for a change.

Is it advisable to drink juices during pregnancy?

On this matter, it is best to consult your doctor. Juices are a wonderful injection of vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional values. The important point here is to make sure that the vegetables and fruits are thoroughly washed before being squeezed out to minimize the risk of bacterial poisoning. On our part, we provide the highest standards for every delivery. If you had a healthy lifestyle before pregnancy, ate a lot of fresh products, then you can continue with having
cold presses and smoothies. As for the juice detox, it is not recommended during pregnancy.

The Cold Pressed Powders

What are The Cold Pressed Powders?

The Cold Pressed Powders are natural supplements that are made up of a mix of adaptogens, super foods, fruits, mushrooms and algae. They are natural supplements that have been used in herbal medicine throughout centuries. Each one of our powder has been specifically designed, in order to focus on a particular purpose, such as the body itself, skin, our vitality, detoxification or calmness. 

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are naturally occurring substances that have been used in herbal medicine across the world for centuries. Adaptogens help to maintain the homeostasis (our internal condition) in our bodies by supporting various physiological processes that take place in it on celular level. They are particularly important in times of physical stress and when our body is pushed to its limits. Adaptogens provide us with the extra energy and help stabilise our body in order to feel absolute harmony.

How to use The Cold Pressed Powders?

The Cold Pressed Powders can be used as an addition to various smoothies, oatmeals or different drinks such as coffee or juices. We advise to add one sachet or a teaspoon equivalent daily.

How long should I use The Cold Pressed Powders in order to feel the effects?

We recommend using a chosen powder regularly for at least 2 months, in order to begin to feel changes taking place.

How long does the shipping of powders take? (PL)

We try to realise all our orders the next working day and we use UPS Standard for all powder shipping in Poland. Delivery should take a day from the moment of order being shipped. However, please note that some order deliveries may take place in the afternoon.

How long does shipping take in the EU?

We use UPS as our courier and we try to send out all parcels with powders the next working day. Shipping within the EU, usually takes up to a week. 

How long does it take to deliver powders outside of the EU?

International delivery times for countries outside of the EU vary. Shipping takes place within a couple of days, however delivery times are highly dependent upon the destination country and its custom rules.


What is the juice detox?

The human body is a wonderful thing and can naturally regenerate itself and purify itself of toxins. The problem arises when the pace at which we “put” contaminants into the body is much higher than the pace of purification. Polluted environment, water, unhealthy diet, alcohol, stressful lifestyle lead to an overall imbalance. The modern diet is based mainly on highly processed products, full of preservatives, sugars, and unhealthy fats. Such a diet has serious consequences for our body. These include inflammation, acidity or more serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer, digestive disorders.


Who should go for the juice detox?

The most important question before starting the juice detox is to think about what motivates us. Sometimes, we are looking for a quick solution for weekend
binge eating or rapid weight loss. Such motivation causes only physiological tensions in the body and is a far cry from a treatment. Sometimes it also happens that we want to go through such a program to be able to show off and build up our own ego. A proper motivation for detox is:
 Reduced energy and constant fatigue caused by a bad diet,
 The desire to reset bad habits and return to the path of better food,
 Inflammations,
 Overall weakness.

I’m afraid I can’t make it up to the end of the juice diet. Is it for anyone?

A juice detox is certainly a challenge, but you should not be afraid of it. If you feel that your level of energy and well-being are reduced, you are a little lost in the mundane day-to-day lifestyle and your diet leaves much to be desired, go for a juice cleanse. The first step to effective detoxification is the positive attitude that we do it for ourselves and our body, not for others.

How long should the detox juice last? 1, 3 or 5 days?

The detox length depends on many factors. A one-day cleanse is ideal for quick body reset. If you need to help the body rest and detox, we suggest going for a
3-day cleanse minimum. After such a period, we see the appropriate effects. For a stronger detox, we recommend a 5-day detox. Cleansing over 7 days is best to have under the supervision of a doctor.

How often can I go on a detox diet?

The frequency of the detox depends on its length. In the case of a one-day detox, you can do it once a week. 24h or 36 hours of rest for the digestive system is a great habit, which will certainly result in a stronger immune system, increased daily energy, and overall vitality. If you do not like giving up solid foods throughout the day, try to consider a 24h detox within 2 days. Switch to the juice after breakfast and lunch, and eat the next meal the evening of the next day. If it’s still too often maybe one day within 2-3 weeks is more suitable for you. Remember following this habit provides your body with a 25-day holiday a year, it will thank you for it. Long detox (5 days and more) is worth doing at intervals of about half a year. If in doubt, consult your doctor or contact us.

I am on a detox and still feel hunger. What should I do?

Above all, drink a lot of water between meals. Often we do not distinguish the sense of hunger from thirst. In addition, you can add more juices to increase the
number of calories consumed. Remember that the body needs some time to adjust during such a cleanse, so try to give yourself a chance and endure it as long as you can. If you still think you need more solid food, add a smoothie.

Can I eat and add drinks on a juice diet?

The purpose of the juice detox is to relieve the digestive system. Therefore, you should not consume any solid food. When it comes to drinks, you can implement herbal infusions, vegetable broths or water with the addition of lemon during the detox. A herbal infusion is a correct term for “tea” that does not contain caffeine and tannin. There are many varieties and types of herbal infusions, many of them contain nutritional values and can have a very soothing effect on the digestive tract. They are a great addition to detox. Vegetable broths are vegetable decoctions that you can prepare at home. Remember, do not use salt or any broth cubes. Just boil the vegetables and it’s ready! Remember, if you are hungry and do not feel satiated after meals, think about whether you consume enough water. You can drink it in an unlimited amount, the more, the better.

Can I do sports on a juice diet?

Severe physical exercises on a juice diet are not recommended, while lighter aerobic exercises that require much deeper breathing are more than welcome.
These exercises also include walking, swimming, calm dances, or cycling. Find the sport that suits you best. What we definitely recommend to everyone is walking. Walking is a great aerobic exercise that fantastically stimulates the lymphatic system for cleansing.

Can I work during the juice detox?

Juices provide enough calories and nutritional values to let us keep energy to work at a normal pace. Remember, however, that during the first few days you may feel worse or slightly weakened. You may also have flu-like symptoms. It is worthwhile to start the detox when you can avoid stressful situations and allow yourself more rest. For more info go to our JUICE CLEANSE GUIDE.

Will I lose weight during detox?

One of the side effects of detox is weight loss. The number of kilos lost depends on many factors in every organism. For example, the more often we go through
such cleansing, the smaller weight loss. Remember, however, that losing weight should not be the main motivation in choosing a detox. Binge eating, and then rigorous weight loss is a common symptom of eating disorders and is a far cry from healthy eating. We want you to consciously go through the cleansing process. If in doubt, contact us, and we will try to work together in order to develop an action plan.

Can I consume alcohol while being on a detox?

Absolutely not! Under no circumstance. Alcohol is poison. Remember that detox is primarily abstaining from bad things that we consume on a daily basis and which poison our body.

How do you finish the detox and what should you do after?

Our diet and lifestyle in the transition period and after detox are equally important, if not more important than the detox itself. It would be a real killer of our digestive system if we suddenly started binge eating pizzas, burgers, and other processed foods. The appropriate transition from the diet includes a gradual introduction of solid food, but still easily digestible. The general rule is that the transition period should last about the same as the detox period. In the first phase, we introduce fruits and vegetables. They can be in the form of cocktails or soups, you can also start adding grains and soaked dried fruits. The main purpose of this stage is to re-stimulate the digestive system. With time – after a few days you can add additional solid foods and fats. During this second phase, we start eating salads, fats in the form of seeds, nuts or oils. Remember, however, that you still do not “binge” eat. Stimulating our taste buds with the first meals can make it hard for us to refrain from eating. The third and last phase is a gradual transition to a normal diet.


What exactly is acidity of organism?

Our internal wellbeing has a huge impact on the overall state of our health. The human body constantly strives to maintain a constant pH level that remains
between 7.365 and 7.45. A brief repetition of chemistry, pH is a measure of the level of acidity or alkalinity of a solution. What exactly it measures is the level of hydrogen ions in a given substance. The scale measures from 0 to 14, where 7 is neutral, everything below acidic, and all above alkaline. In nature, every cell or body has an optimal pH level in which it works best. What concerns humans it is slightly alkaline. A slight deviation beyond the optimal pH can
have enormous health effects. This number maintains regardless of what we eat, what we drink. Products like meat, dairy, sweets, carbonated beverages, highly processed products are acidic. The consequence of this is that our body has to put in more work to maintain the right level. Eating an acidic food will not change our reaction immediately, but will make the body put in more work to maintain homeostasis. Such work is very burdensome and as a result leads to fatigue, diseases and general deterioration of health. It is important that the pH level to which we refer here is the pH level of blood, not saliva or urine.

As you can already guess, vegetables and fruits are alkaline! The more you implement them into your diet, the easier it is for your body to work. Of course,
this does not mean that you now have to eat 100% alkaline products.

What exactly is inflammation in the body?

Inflammation is a fairly popular topic recently. These are the natural responses of our immune system to an injury or the attack of viruses or bacteria. Redness,
swelling is an example well known for cuts or injuries. Such a reaction is absolutely necessary for our well-being. The problem arises when inflammation becomes a chronic problem instead of being a temporary reaction in the event of an injury. Inflammation plays a key role in diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, allergy, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension and many, many others.

Chronic inflammation in the body is certainly not easy to cure, but there is a range of healthy habits that can significantly reduce it. First of all, diet!
Vegetables, vegetables, and vegetables again. Equally important on the list of anti-inflammatory products are fruits, sprouts, and fats primarily omega 3.
Healthy fats are linseed, linseed oil, hemp seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, but not only. Additionally come also spices such as turmeric, ginger or garlic. You will
get everything in our kitchen!

What are the products to first cause inflammation?

First of all, sugar, highly processed foods, meat and dairy products. As you can see, these products are also found on the acidic pH scale.
Diet is not everything, you can also fight inflammation by stress-fighting, physical exercise, adequate sleep, laughter, dancing or playing.

What is so important in a cold press that it is worth drinking?

When describing the nutritional values of a cold pressed juice, we often refer to a large number of vitamins and minerals and other substances. Phytonutrients or naturally occurring chemicals are found in plant foods and give them great colors. These naturally occurring chemicals increase immunity, prevent the formation of various forms of cancer, improve general well-being.

What are those other mysterious substances and what other phytonutrients are found in fruits and vegetables?
Lutein – is found in green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale. Prevents eye diseases. Our cold presses YOUNG AGAIN, THE NEW SEXY and YES PLEASE include it.
Carotenoids – we can find them in sweet beets, carrots. They improve eyesight and are anti-aging. You can find them in our MADE IN WARSAW, THE GODDESS, SUN PROTECTOR.
Ellagic acid – is found in blueberries and pomegranates. It slows the multiplication of cancer cells. You can find it in our smoothies and in delicious sugar-free desserts.
Hesperidin – occurs in citrus fruit and has properties that reduce inflammation in the body. NOT REGULAR OJ will provide you with that.
Quercetin – occurs in apples, blueberries or kale. Helps with diseases of the respiratory system.
It’s far from the end of the list, but step by step you’re probably starting to understand what’s going on, right?


Why can I order only 1 cold press ‘Wonder Woman’?

The price of WonderWoman is higher (PLN 18) compared to other offered in shipments (PLN 15). As the price of the 6-pack is constant, we’ve limited the number of WonderWoman cold presses to 1 item.

How are the cold presses packed?

Each package contains of 6 cold pressed juices. Juices are packed into an insulated thermal bag, and in it, there is an icepack that is able to maintain low juice temperature up to 72 hours. The thermo-insulating bag is additionally packed into a cardboard box. Thanks to this form of packaging, our cold presses will reach you in the right condition and will retain its nutritional value.

What is the juice expiration date?

Our juices have an expiration date of 3 days. We squeeze them every day from Monday to Friday in the early morning. For example, juices ordered on Tuesday are squeezed on Monday and should be drunk up to Wednesday inclusive.

When do we squeeze the juices?

We squeeze juices daily from Monday to Saturday in the early morning.

On what days and at what time are the juices delivered with shipping in Poland?

Juices shipped around Poland are delivered from Tuesday to Friday. The courier should appear with the parcel until 12.00 in larger cities and until 14.00 in smaller towns. These hours may change depending on the courier’s individual work.

Why can’t I order juices for Monday?

On Sundays, the courier company has a day-off. Hence the first day when the parcel can be sent is on Monday.

Up to what time can I order juices to get them the next day?

Orders placed after 19.00 on working days can be moved to the next shipping day. Why? In order to increase the availability of shipments, we leave less than 24 hours to complete the order.

Can I change the address and delivery date?

The address and delivery date can be changed 2 days before the delivery until 12.00. Please contact us at inga@thecoldpressedjuices.com.pl

How are the juices delivered?

Parcels are delivered by courier company UPS Polska Sp. z.o.o.

Why should the cold-pressed juices be stored in the fridge?

Cold-pressed juices are a fresh, unprocessed product. To preserve their value and extend their expiration date, store them in a refrigerator – ideally at 1-4 degrees Celsius.

How to place an order if I want to go through detox and live outside of Warsaw?

One time we can send a packet of juices for a maximum of two days. If you want to go through a 1-2-day detox, just choose 1-2 products “6-pack Shipping Poland”. With a 3-day detox, you must submit your first order for 2 days and another one for 1 day by selecting the appropriate dates on the calendar.

Are cold presses frozen, diluted? Do they have preservatives? Are there any additives in them?

Our cold presses are 100% freshly squeezed juices by the cold press method. They are not diluted and contain no preservatives. Neither they are frozen. We do not add sugar, artificial colors or any other additives. That is why their expiration date is so short and we are proud of it!

Payment methods: How can I pay for the parcel?

You can pay for the order by PayU, PayPal or by bank transfer. With the payment by a transfer, the order will be processed after sending the confirmation of the transfer.

Do we deliver abroad?

Yes! We deliver our selection of The Cold Pressed Powders WORLDWIDE.

Unfortunately, due to the short expiration date of cold presses, we are not able to provide shipments of juices outside of Poland.

How much does the delivery cost and what is included in it?

The delivery price includes courier delivery and special thermal packaging, which consists of a heat-insulating bag and an icepack.

What is the volume of cold presses?

There are 6 large bottles in the 6-pack, 473ml. each.

How many 6-packs can I order to one address at a time?

During one shipment, we can send two 6-packs for the price of one delivery.

Why can’t I order milk?

Almond milk is prepared purely from almonds on the spot – we do not add any additives to it. Natural homemade almond milk has a shorter expiration date – 2 days. Therefore, PowerMeGood and RichBoy beverages that are based on our plant-based milk are not available in shipments around Poland.


What products are available for a worldwide shipment?

Good question! We have variety of products available in our store including collection of cold pressed juices. Because of their short expiration date we are unable to ship them worldwide.

That is why we created our special collection with Sandra Kubicka i.e. The Cold Pressed Powders. This amazing line is made especially for you, another way to consume the best part of what nature gives us: superfoods, adaptogens and nutrient dense products.  Click SHOP for more details.