Why do not we deliver detox juices around Poland?

For delivering juices in Poland, we use a courier company UPC Polska Sp. z o.o., therefore we can not provide delivery in the early morning. The 6-pack of cold presses you build, you can use as a traditional detox.

Why can I order only 1 cold press ‘Wonder Woman’?

The price of WonderWoman is higher (PLN 17) compared to other offered in shipments (PLN 14). As the price of the 6-pack is constant, we’ve limited the number of WonderWoman cold presses to 1 item.

How are the cold presses packed?

Each package contains 6 cold pressed juices. Juices are packed into an insulated thermal bag, and in it, there is an icepack that is able to maintain low juice temperature up to 72 hours. The thermo-insulating bag is additionally packed in a cardboard box. Thanks to this form of packaging, our cold press will reach you in the right condition and will retain its nutritional value.

What is the juice expiration date?

Our juices have an expiration date of 3 days. We squeeze them every day from Monday to Friday in the early morning. For example, juices ordered on Tuesday are squeezed on Monday and should be drunk up to Wednesday inclusive.

When do we squeeze the juices?

We squeeze juices daily from Monday to Friday in the early morning.

On what days and at what time are the juices delivered with shipping in Poland?

Juices with shipping around Poland are delivered from Tuesday to Friday. The courier should appear with the parcel until 12.00 in larger cities and until 14.00 in smaller towns. These hours may change depending on the courier’s individual work.

Why can’t I order juices for Monday?

On Sundays, both we and the courier company have a day-off. Hence the first day when the parcel can be sent is on Monday.

Up to what time can I order juices to get them the next day?

Orders placed after 19.00 on working days can be moved to the next shipping day. Why? In order to increase the availability of shipments, we leave less than 24 hours to complete the order.

Can I change the address and delivery date?

The address and delivery date can be changed 2 days before the delivery until 12.00. Please contact us at

How are the juices delivered?

Parcels are delivered by courier company UPS Polska Sp. z.o.o.

Why should the cold-pressed juices be stored in the fridge?

Cold-pressed juices are a fresh, unprocessed product. To preserve their value and extend their expiration date, store them in a refrigerator – ideally at 1-4 degrees Celsius.

How to place an order if I want to go through detox and live outside of Warsaw?

One time we can send a packet of juices for a maximum of two days. If you want to go through a 1-2-day detox, just choose 1-2 products “6-pack Shipping Poland”. With a 3-day detox, you must submit your first order for 2 days and another one for 1 day by selecting the appropriate dates on the calendar.

Are cold presses frozen, diluted? Do they have preservatives? Are there any additives in them?

Our cold presses are 100% freshly squeezed juices by the cold press method.
They are not diluted and contain no preservatives. Neither they are frozen. We do not add sugar, artificial colors or any other additives.