Over the years we travelled, went through different experiences but one thing we both learnt in a hard way was that self-care means nourishing our soul and body. We have decided to challenge the poor quality of products available in the market. The food currently present in the market is primarily processed, rich in sugar, unhealthy fats, and artificial ingredients. We focused our attention on deepening our knowledge and understanding of what is healthy lifestyle and suddenly so overly used “you are what you eat” gained new meaning. We know that our food choices determine whether our body is strong, energized and if it glows.

That’s how in 2015 The Cold Pressed Juices was born. A place that gives you smart alternatives. A place that offers cold pressed juices, superfood packed smoothies, smoothie bowls, vegan soups, RAW desserts and other food. Each product and producer is thoroughly checked by us to offer you best quality meals. It’s not about creating another diet, loosing weight or counting calories. Our goal is simple and pure; it’s simply self-care.

Healthy lifestyle is not only what we eat, but also how we live, how we regenerate and decompress after stressful time. It’s also living passionately and learning how to cope with stress. The Cold Pressed Juices is filled with good energy and healthy kitchen. We want to begin this journey with spreading consciousness of how important is diet, and with time spreading that to other aspects of your life!


With love, Agnieszka and Inga Czaplicka