We get a lot of questions about how to use our powders. As you probably already know, our powders consist of adaptogens as well as various other superfoods. We mainly recommend using them as an addition to oatmeals, smoothies juices and other beverages. Each powder, depending on the composition has a completely different taste and properties. Precise familiarity with the composition is fundamental in achieving what we want from our powders. In matters of taste, the choice of powder is very much dependent on you. Body, for example, is a cocoa based and fits in perfectly as an addition to porridge or coffee. It then emphasizes the cocoa flavor in the breakfast dish. Similar can be said about Vitality, in which the dominant maca and ginseng ideally fit into the porridge and millet. On the other hand, Greenergy is a slightly sweet but still quite a largely herbal based powder. It tastes great with fruit smoothies and various smoothie bowls. Rose is very popular with just water – its delicate rose flavor is very refreshing. On the other hand, Calm Down can be ideal as an addition to  choice of tea. However, everything is completely dependent on your eating habits and your favorite flavors. The easiest way is to find your ‘adaptogenic taste’ by trial and error. Test different recipes, and then you will discover a golden mean that will become the essence of your positive aura!


Our very simple and favorite smoothie is ourGREENERGY SHAKE:


-1 banana

– a spoon or 1/2 of the entire GREENERGY sachet

–  handfull of spinach

  • 1 glass of almond milk  (add more if you want to get a more fluid consistency)

Mix everything! Voila!


As a rule, we recommend using a teaspoon of the selected powder a day in your selected dish or drink.

We advise you not to exceed the recommended amount. Adding more powder at once, will not speed up its performance, nor will it improve it in any way. Only after regular, daily use of the recommended teaspoon will we start to feel the difference after a few weeks.

Of course, please read the composition of each powder thoroughly before use. This is an important way to prevent any possible allergies. We recommend stopping the use of our powders immediately if you experience any symptoms of food allergy.