August was a very exciting month for us, as we launched our new product line ‘The Cold Pressed Powders’. These consist of powders, which are made up of various combinations of superfoods and adaptogenic mixes that already started to conquer the world – as they are available for worldwide shipping! Throughout the past couple of weeks we have been receiving a lot of questions regarding different powders, hence we have especially prepared this post that will help to understand more about the unique properties of Body, Calm Down, Vitality, Greenergy and Rose. Each one of our powders is 100% natural and supports our organism in diverse ways – the question is, which one is for you?

The Cold Pressed Powders are mainly based upon adaptogens. Adaptogens have been used throughout thousands of years by healers in herbal medicine. These would include herbs such as maca or ashwagandha. They are substances, that naturally stabilise various physiological processes that take place in our organism. Thanks to them, our body’s natural resistance and adaptation to stress from factors such as hot or cold, noise, stress or change in altitude – is severely heightened. As it has been confirmed by the most recent clinical studies, our physical capacity and stamina greatly increases when we consume adaptogens. In The Cold Pressed Powders you’ll find adaptogens such as ashwagandha, shisandra, reishi mushroom, alma and triphala. Just add a teaspoon of your chosen powder to your daily smoothie, oatmeal or coffee and start living your day to its full potential!


Greenergy, with its many chlorophyll components and algae helps to protect healthy cells and supports the detoxification process in the liver. On top of this, this super pigment speeds up wound healing and helps to maintain a healthy weight. Spirulina, which is Greenergy’s main ingredient is an ideal source of many vitamins and minerals. It contains 18 amino acids and 8 of them are essential. Thanks to the presence of chlorophyl and blue phycocyanin it is also a powerful antioxdant. The presence of Moringa is also not accidental, it contains twice as much protein as soya and four times as much vitamin E than wheat sprouts. It doesn’t stop here as the vitamin A content in Moringa its four times higher than the one of a carrot, potassium content is fifteen times higher than in bananas and it has twenty five times as much iron content as spinach. In this powder, Stevia have been added simply for taste. However, chlorella and maca are both superfoods that are present in order to slow down the ageing process. They are both also rich in many vitamins and minerals that help to support our organisms and maintain its homeostatic state. Greenergy is a universal helper to our organism as well as a dedicated warrior who fights cancer cells that can appear in our digestive system.


Everyone loves to have beautiful skin and our Rose powder will make taking care of skin much easier. Goji berry, shisandra, rehmannia and ashwagandha that are a part of the formula are filled with antioxdiants and anti-ageing potentiating agents. In addition, they help to improve our physical performance, regulate the hormonal system and support the circulatory system. All this reduces the stress that we exert every day on our organism and further potentates the functions of physiological processes in our body. The increased efficiency of the following processes helps us to slow down the aging process of our skin and give it a natural glow. Furthermore, the pearl extract is rich in amino acids as well as proteins that are responsible for stimulating collagen production. As it supports collagen regeneration, it significantly improves skin elasticity and tone, leaving an ageless, glowing skin.  Pearl extract has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for years. It also has anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and relaxing properties. Taking care of the outside starts from the inside and Rose will do just for that.


Body, the name itself already reveals a lot. This powder supports our entire body and mind. Our daily command center is often forgotten when we think about our body. Shisandra, a powerful antioxidant along with acai and alma berry all act towards removing potentially harmful damaging oxidising agents that are the result of various cellular  reactions in our body.  What more, it is worth remembering that shisandra berry does not only effectively reduce stress hormone levels and enhance our performance but it also improves our co-ordination, concentration and mental performance.  Triphala on the other hand, tones and cleans because it is highly effective in cleaning the bacterial flora and stimulating ‘good’ bacterial floral growth. We strongly believe that is where majority of health problems begin in the intestines and only by taking care of them we can say really say we are taking care of our health. The presence of ginger in Body also potentiates the maintenance of a ‘healthy gut’, whilst the added raw cocoa is a sweet antioxidant, which makes it a great addition to smoothies, oatmeal or coffee.


Vitality has been especially designed to give an energy boost, increase physical performance and support the immune system. Sometimes we need a full dose of energy – and the carefully selected ingredients of this powder are great for that. Ginseng – the king of adaptogens is definitely the star of this powder. It contains ginsenosides that help the attachment of oxygen to hemoglobin, therefore supporting the oxygenation process in our body. This leads to an increased amount of energy on physical and mental level. With efficient oxygenation, we feel energised and anything become possible. Reishi mushroom will also help with physical stress. however it also has anti- carcinogenic properties and leads to an increased resistance to tumors. When we think of vitality, we should think about longevity. Our longevity is definitely improved thanks to maca that is an all round winner in providing energy and immunity. Not to forget, mucuna pruriens, which is also included reduces anxiety, fights fatigue and generally improves our well-being. Vitality is simply vital! 


Last but definitely not least – Calm down – perfect for the end of the day when we want to relax and forget about the stressful reality. Our pace of life is only increasing and our bodies often struggle to keep up. Meditation and relaxation are just as significant as any other daily activity, with mindfulness it all becomes more bearable. Calm down will soothe anxiety and help you reach a calmer state. Chamomile, will help to relax the body and makes it much easier to fall asleep on those restless eves. Whereas Ashwagandha known as Indian ginseng is a strengthening toner that will increase our vital powers and potentiate mind functions. Astralagus root has strong immunostimulating and immunomodulating properties. When our body is in an anxious state extra immune support is essential. Only by effecting the body as well as the mind we will find peace. Finally, Kardamon, which is often used in the culinary world is a great anti-toxin with anti- depressive properties. As you can see, Calm down is a great ‘all rounder’  as it supports digestive processes, reduces the level of stress and prepares us for deep relaxation.