Welcome to The Cold Pressed Juices!

We just have created a blog via which we would like to invite you into our world! For over a year now, we deliver to you our nutritious products, due to which your body and mind have been glowing inside out. Recently, we expanded our offer to all of Poland, in order to be able to reach more of you with our products. This is so that more people can enjoy the richness of vitamins and minerals that are in our cold pressed juices.
We really hope that our words will inspire. We will not write only about eating but we want to share with you our knowledge that we have gathered throughout our lives. These all consist of tested methods and foundations thanks to which, you will feel that you are fully living in your body. We know that sometimes it is difficult to find a balance. Especially when we are faced with challenges that we have to take on the the daily basis. The key is to listen to yourself and find your own way of living. If you will not ignore the signals sent to you by your organism, then sooner or later you will find the golden mean.
We want you to treat our posts as pointers. You can interpret them in your own way and draw from them whatever is of value to YOU. We also want to encourage you to comment and share with us your own experiences. We are beyond excited with this new venture! See you soon!
Inga Czaplicka
Owner – The Cold Pressed Juices