Carrot, which is the main ingredient of our new juice, Sun Protector, is rich in B-carotene. B- carotenes are pigments that supply over 50% of vitamin A that
is required by our body. Everyone is well aware of vitamin A’s dominant function as a powerful anti-oxidant, however there is much more to its precursor that is beta-carotene. Apart from its antioxidant function, it also happens to be an anticancer agent with additional anti-aging properties. It successfully slows down the ageing process of our body on a cellular level. Beta carotenes make up a group of red, orange and yellow pigments called carotenoids. This pigmentation means means that vitamin A is not only great for our eyes and sight but is also important for our skin. During summer, when our skin is often exposed to sun, the additional protection and regeneration provided by vitamin A becomes absolutely essential. A lot of us often forget to put on sunscreen with UV filters,
even though we walk around in the sunshine nearly every day. However, when we use products that contain a lot of beta carotenes we can easily help ourselves and our skin.
Individuals, who easily burn in the sun and are allergy prone will also find refuge – thanks to the beta carotene present in carrots, will be able to decrease
their risk of sunburn and increase their immunity against sun rays. This light effect of discolouration, which is provided by beta carotene allows us to spend
3 times as much time in the sun than normal. What more, the tint of our tan will be much more natural and healthy looking. The tone of brown-orange skin looks much more appealing than the deep mahogany tone that can often resemble a tan from a solarium. Therefore, those can love to tan will definitely benefit from this aspect of Sun Protector. Even though the properties of this pigment will only support our safe tanning, it is important to remember and take additional precautions before excessively exposing yourself to direct sunlight.
Apart from carrots, many other orange-yellow and green fruits and vegetables are a great potential source of beta carotene. These include: sweet potato, peppers, spinach or peaches. Nonetheless Carrots remains as the best source as it contains over 8332μg of beta carotene in 100g. In comparison, in the
same amount, a red sweet pepper only has 1624μg of the pigment. Over time adapting our organism to beta carotene is possible by consuming e.g. half a
kilo of carrots day over a few weeks in vegetable form or cold pressed, as a juice. Consuming such an amount of a ‘heavy’ vegetable can be quite a challenge. therefore Sun Protector provides a great alternative. Throughout Poland we are getting a lot fo exhausting heat waves, hence come, join our challenge and starting drinking Sun Protector from today. Your skin will thank you later!